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VIDEO: The Vineyards of Château Hough

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Urban farms are taking root in Cleveland, bringing home surprising harvests

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By Debbi Snook, The Plain Dealer September 21, 2012, 9:00AM Old MacDonald had a farm, but probably not on an abandoned city lot tended by a farmer from Burma and supported by some of the top restaurants in town. Cleveland, however, has such unconventional growing places. After only a few years of operation, they are bringing home surprising harvests. Four of Cleveland’s urban fams are featured as success stories n a midsummer tour organized by Cuyahoga County; Ohio State University Extension; and the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, an organic food group based in Columbus....

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Urban Vineyards Sprouting in the Midwest

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Driving through Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood, the last thing you’d expect to come upon is a vineyard. Hough has long been one of Cleveland’s most distressed areas, site of the notorious “Hough riots” – the 1966 racial violence that still haunts these streets. Yet, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes is Chateau Hough, almost an entire square block of beautiful, well-tended. Read more here.

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The Vineyard of Château Hough

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While visiting the Vineyard of Château Hough at E. 66 and Hough Ave in Cleveland, it was apparent that Mansfield Frazier, an inventive and dedicated entrepreneur has several goals he has set for himself and his neighborhood. His ultimate goal to build an inner-city winery started in May of 2010 with the preparation of turning a three-quarter acre inner-city corner into a vineyard of 294 vines, set in 14 rows. Read more here.

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Vineyards of Château Hough Volunteers Needed!

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From Cool Cleveland For all of the folks who said they could hardly wait to come volunteer at The Vineyards of Château Hough, the wait is finally over! And everyone else is welcome to come join us at 66th and Hough (one block north of Chester) and get their exercise on also. On Sat 6/4, starting at daybreak and going to about noon (feel free to come anytime during those hours), we’ll be pruning the buds off the vines, doing some weeding, and making minor repairs to the irrigation system. Fun stuff. Bring pruners and hoes (not that kind!) if you have them, gloves if you need them, and a...

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